I always wanted to install WhatsApp in PC. The release of BlueStacks mode it possible. BlueStacks is an Android App-Player which allows you to install Android app on your window 7 (only, for now).

Download bluestacks from : http://www.bluestacks.com/download.html

For installing WhatsApp on BlueStack, your Android phone must be rooted !

Here is the way to install whatsApp on BlueStacks.

1. You will need a Android phone with WhatsApp installed on it. You will have to activate the service.

2. Mind it that this method will only get your chats onto PC and not all contacts.

3. Install Titanium Backup on your Android phone.

4. In Backup/Restore tab, search for WhatsApp and backup the application. This will backup the app with the data.

Part 1 complete here. Now the main part was to put the backup files into the android emulator.

1. So first copy the Titanium Backup folder from your Android phone to your PC.

2. To put the files onto the emulator, you will need to upload the files, I attached files to my Gmail and the downloaded the same files from the emulator. Direct access to the data is not possible.

3. After uploading, you will need to install some Apps on your BlueStacks App-Player.

4. The Link for the Apps is given below. It consist of WhatsApp Messenger 2.6, Titanium Backup 4.5.2, Dolphin Browser 6.2 (as it does not have inbuild browser) and ArchiDroid, a zip/rar extractor and a file explorer Linda Manager.

5. At first I thought I need to also root the App-Player. But when I install root-check in it, it has the root permission, which made my work more easy.

6. Now, you will need to install all the apps mentioned above in your App-Player.

the method for the same follows:

1. Select an apk and right click and select open with.

2. Then browse to Program Files(x86)\BlueStacks   (for windows 7 64-bit)

or Program Files\BlueStacks   (for windows 7 32-bit)

3. Now select the application HD-ApkHandler and select open with.

4. This is a very easy way to install apps on the App-Player. You can install likewise many applications.

5. After installing all apps, if you open whatsApp it will give error .

7. Now download the Titanium Backup folder using the browser.

8. If it’s a achieved then you will have to unzip/unrar it. So use ArchiDroid.

9. Once extracted then go to Linda Manager and search for the folder. There will be a folder name Titanium Backup in SD card. Copy content of the folder you downloaded in Titanium backup folder. If it is already extracted in the Titanium Backup directory then no need to move/copy.

10. Now start Titanium Backup from the App-Player and go again to backup/restore tab.We have WhatsApp already installed. Now select WhatsApp from the backup/restore tab and click on restore button. It will ask what to restore, select data only.

11. After restoring try opening WhatsApp. It will only show your previous chat and not the contacts. This is the only disadvantage of this method. But your friends can send you messages despite you not having contact list. Also, WhatsApp installed on your android phone and WhatsApp installed on App-Player will not sync and the messages you send in App-Player will not be shown in your Android Phone and vice-versa !

Download link for all apps mentioned : http://tinyurl.com/678bgrc

So enjoy WhatsApp on PC using BlueStacks. Install many more application by the method shown above. Also you can sync apps on your Android phone with BlueStacks with Cloud-connect. Download it from the market and you are good to go !

Here’s my working WhatsApp on PC